Journal Entry 7.1.83

I’ve got some bad news and some good news. Bad news is that Alan won’t go with anyone so that counts me out so maybe I should go back to Evan or Ron in Texas. Good news is that Alan won’t go with Cindy either. But he’s afraid she will either get hurt or he will get persuaded to ask her. I hope not. I would rather her get hurt.

Well my plan to get those CP files is ruined. Why? Because Steve is grounded so he’ll be in his room a lot. I bet I’ll get tied down. If I go to Alan’s he’ll probably cal to ask me to come over. And I won’t be able to make up my mind. Why do I want the files? Not because I’m with anyone else, but because they let me in, but don’t tell me everything.

I won’t be going to the 4th with Steve but Dad (boo). Also I think there is a bike gang on this block. They were saying “Hi baby” to me today. And they don’t live around here nor are they familiar at school so they might be from Medford. Here I have included the letter I almost gave to Alan today. I sure hope he doesn’t read this. Also the plans to get him back inside envelope along with letter. (No letter left anymore (1.25.06)).


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