Journal Entry 7.7.83

Well, I went to Evan’s to babysit Steve. He was pretty good. I have to do it tomorrow. Evan wants me for 2 weeks but I told him no because I am going to take a paper route. I hope they pay me the right amount. Melissa called today and she’s going to be here Monday night. I hope everything goes okay with Alan.

I went over to Alan’s today. H was so humorous on the phone. Oh by the way, we have a phone, the number is 555-9553. Well, anyhow, I went over to Alan’s and started watching this movie. I began to rest my arm on his leg. Then my head. The phone rang and we both went in to get it. He wrote something about me on a piece of paper and dared me to go down his pants for it. I can’t believe it.

Alan wrote in his journal that I was being a nag but he can’t stay mad at me because I’m so pretty and nice and nosey. I can’t believe he actually said I’m pretty. Well, anyhow, we went to answer the phone and he put his arm around me and I don’t know if he felt the same way as me but I felt like we were going together. He said he might act for Melissa.

I love him so much. Well got to go to sleep. I’ve got to find out what that paper said.


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