Journal Entry 7.8.83

Like I said, I’ve got to find out what that paper said. He wrote something about me I know. I would have went down his pants but he kept turning around. Melissa ‘s going to be here on Monday. I can’t believe it. I have to call Alan and ask him what’ he doing at 4:30 and I can come over. I’ll bring you along to write what’s happening live. I want to go all the way with him but I don’t want to get caught or get pregnant. I’ll go almost all the way though. Just hope we don’t get caught. But thank God, Alan won’t go all the way with me.

Later– Well, I’m over at Alan’s and so far it’s pretty boring. It was so fun last night. I can’t wait for Steve to get off restriction, because we can’t sleep outside. Write more later

Later– Now we’re in the kitchen. Alan is in a bad mood or something. Have to try to get him out of it. Think about it.

Later– I did get those CP files but Steve was right. They’re just a bunch about the Pope and all. Boring. But I guess it’s important to them. Isn’t it neat that I can’t reason with myself, and them. Boy did I just lie. I told Alan that I am not nosey just interested. Bullshit. I’m not interested, but I care about Alan and my friends.


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