Journal Entry 7.10.83

Well, I can’t tell if Alan and I are in a fight or not. He waved at me today. He hasn’t asked to use the ghetto blaster. I don’t know why I said sorry in that letter about reading his journal because just the day before, he read mine. All of it. Too bad he doesn’t write any gooshy stuff in it about me but then Alan doesn’t care about me. I’ll ask him that. I like him so much but I can’t talk or call him. I hope he calls me or starts to worry because I never come around anymore. I love him.

Oh, I just thought of something awful! What happens if we don’t make up before Melissa comes, then he might act like he likes her just to get me mad. Well I’m going over to tell him I am sorry tomorrow after the route if he hasn’t already come. I hope he comes because my mom says I’m not to give i.. My mom doesn’t like him bery much anymore. Oh no. Well good night.


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