Journal Entry 7.13.83

Well boy did we have fun. It all began with my hand on his back, then feeling his back, then under his shirt on his back, then to the front of his chest, then under his shirt on his stomach, then on his underwear, then in his pants and he turned over so I could reach. Then I turned over because he acted like he was asleep. I started talking to Melissa but then he rested his arm on my shoulder and started to fiddle with my hair. Then he started to massage my back, then onto my breast but he didn’t go into my shirt, but he did my stomach then he went into my underwear and started to finger me but I wouldn’t let him. It was great. Now Alan doesn’t think I am straight. Boy, has Steve been sleeping. Then later on, I felt the outside of his sleeping bag and he moved his hand so it would push my hand onto his penis. I loved it.

We almost got to sleep outside again but my bitch of a mother said no. They practically begged my mother to let us. Melissa met Kevin today. I think he likes her. It seems like not purposedly or maybe purposedly, she is getting Alan. It pisses me off. I love him and I knew she’d get to him.


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