Journal Entry 8.5.83

I haven’t been writing lately or very much it’s kind of boring. Melissa has been being a bitch, same with Aunt Charlene. Aunt Charlene says I have a bad attitude and Melissa says I am selfish. Bullshit!! I miss Alan dearly but I’ve been having second thoughts about if I love Alan any more. Melissa has been trying to brainwash me to not like Alan. She says he’s boring. She doesn’t get Robbie’s hint or Jason’s. I kind of hope they stay mad at her.

Sweet Dreams is a great song and so is Eclipse of the Heart. Have got to write Lori and Alan. Berlin is not that great. Melissa has a bad attitude and says that am gaudy because I don’t like pumps.

Hope for nothing is hopeless. I made that up last night. Well good night.


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