Journal Entry 8.31.83

Last night I had to stop writing because my dad came in. Today I went over to Alan’s and started watching TV and Alan started putting his legs over me. Then on me and then he moved down so he was just about on me and I would scratch my leg which was just about even with? Then every time something good happens Alan would have to get up. Then Steve came over and they started to tease me and I began to cry. Then Alan come up and gave me a nice great hug. Then he said “sorry”.

I love him so much. I told Steve that I leave my window unlocked and open during the day but at night I close it but don’t lock it. At 10:30pm every night I go and get on my bed to undress and at 10:35pm. I close my curtains and if their closed then Steve has to knock on the window so we can talk. I also told him that I was going to raid them so then one night when I’m at home and they’re sleeping outside they’ll come over and raid me!

I think Alan might think I like Kevin because I was sitting next to him. And also I figured out that if I don’t come around for a few days then Alan really misses me and gives me a lot than a little every day. Also I was on the swing set hanging upside down and Alan said “nice” because my shirt went up. Some day I’m going to hang upside down with my bra on and he will say it again and I’ll say “but its just my bathing suit, see?” and then I’ll show them and it won’t be and I’ll act surprised.


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