Journal Entry 3.18.84


Well so far, spring break has been real neat. I haven’t seen Ben since Friday night. I’ve talked to him on the phone. I love him so much. He’s always on my mind. He can be so bratty but I love him anyways. I feel people do some crazy things when you’re in love with the perfect guy.

This weekend has been not so good for Ben and I because we haven’t seen each other. He didn’t see me on Saturday because I left and my parents didn’t tell me that he came over so I figured I wasn’t important enough to even stop by and say hi to, so I went downtown. I’m not going to waste spring break sitting around waiting for Ben to decide to remember me. If he doesn’t care enough to visit then I don’t care either.

Sarita’s gone until Tuesday, Liz until Friday and I am going to be bored. Don’t get the idea I’m mad at Ben because I’m not. I just wish that I was more important to him. I sort of want to let him read this because maybe he would understand me better. He also didn’t seem to today because I didn’t go on the route. I baby sat last night until 1am and tonight I went to my Grandma’s. So maybe I’ll see him tomorrow.

I started my period today. He said he was going to try something last night and this morning but I didn’t make it either time. I told him that I loved him about a million times. And I do and always will. Ben is about 4’11”, dark skin, dark hair, glasses, cute ass, real nice body, and real super sweet. He has a nice smile and he makes me laugh. His tallness doesn’t matter to me. I love him and that’s all that matters. He’s real cheerful and gets jealous easily. I can’t explain why he turns me on but he just does. He weighs 72 pounds. He has a brother that isn’t nearly as cute as Ben or as nice. Ben is real honest and I like honest feelings even if they sometimes hurt. Well got to go. Enough writing for tonight.


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