Journal Entry 3.29.84


Well in a few minutes I will be leaving to do my interview. I hope I do alright. I’m sitting at the beginning of bottom hall waiting for the bell and decided to write. Ben has been a total babe all day. He has been real sweet to me. I love him so much. This last week has been just about perfect. I have to ask him what he is doing for the weekend.

Saturday is my sister’s birthday. My mom wants to know if I would like to have a combined party w/Steve. Each of us would get to invite 10 people and then one spending the night. Ben can’t spend the night to bad, I tried. This dick just walked out of the boy’s restroom. I have to try to get back to school before 2:45 so I can ride the bus to B’s route. Also have to put up that paper. Well gotta go, bells gonna ring.


Well I went to the interview and it went great. This week has been perfect. I love Ben. I think Ben started a journal. He is so sweet. I wrote with “Snow” that I love B all over the tracks and on the way down there.


Ben and some of his friends just came over. Ben acted as if he was mad at me for being gone. And he saw me with Steve and Cathy and Dick. He is upset I think. I can’t understand that if he is going to get upset every time I even look at Alan or Steve then we’ve got a problem with our relationship. My dad is being a total dick. He’s so stupid sometimes. What an irk. Yo tengo ir ahora, escribo muy later.


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