Journal Entry 4.1.84


April Fools!!! Sarita spent the night and then we did B’s route. He did Alex’s and it was pretty fun. I love him so much. We can see two people down here and were going to find out who they are. We’re at the creek by the way. Me and B didn’t do anything yet. Talk later


Today was pretty great! I saw B later when I was with Tania. He was being neat he was talking dirty. I love it and him. I want to have fun with him which we didn’t get to do. I’m super horny now! We never did find out who was down there. We did find a lot of trails though, good “make out” and “feel out” places. If only Ben would. I held hands with him at school. Also this morning he held my hand. My stomach did about 100 jumps. I’m so much in love.

I had a great fantasy for Ben and I. I was down at the creek or anywhere – preferable not in open but anyways. Ben came up behind me and turned me around and we didn’t say anything. Then he started kissing me and laid me down and kept kissing me and rubbing on my back. Then he undid my bra, then began feeling me starting with my back then around to the front, and then feeling all over my legs and underwear then in and I was feeling him and we just kept feeling and holding each other and it was great. I can’t remember if we went farther but he was kissing me all over and I was doing the same. And I felt we really loved each other. Also I almost did a plan on a few mornings ago.

Ben came over in the morning to get me for school. He sat down in the chair and I sat down on the floor between his legs facing him. I grabbed his hands and leaned real close and began kissing him and then we were holding and feeling and kissing. I love him so much. Also I dreamt today that when I was in the tent Ben began feeling me and me too, and kissing and holding all over. I only wish a few of my many fantasies would come true. I wish something like the camper would happen too. Well I’ve written enough for now! Got to run.


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