Journal Entry 4.5.84


Everything’s great with B and I. Also he was supposed to go skiing today but he couldn’t. I’ll write more later. P.S. I asked if he got hard he just laughed and said I was weird. I keep asking but he keeps laughing.


Today was okay but I was rushed all day. It felt as if break and between classes was shorter. I asked Ben again if it was true after 6th and he said yes but not then. I wonder if it is every because of me! He was real sweet today. I haven’t written much lately but Ben’s been on my mind. Sometimes I feel like calling him up and telling him “I want him bad” but then I feel like a whore. B says not to feel that way because we’re boyfriend and girlfriend. Also he said something about him and Wade begin in the showers and three girls walked in. I doubt if anything happened seriously, but he was afraid someone would tell me and I wouldn’t understand and think he didn’t want to go with me. He has also been real sweet in the halls. He said why don’t we be late and hug each other. I should have said “let’s” I love him so much. I never want “us” to end.


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