Journal Entry 4.6.84


I went to check in math. I missed less of anybody. Only 2, I’m so happy. Also B doesn’t have any zeros any more.


Today after school Roger caught the lawnmower on fire so everyone ran down the street. Then we were talking and then Ben and his sister drove up and I took off so she wouldn’t see me. And Ben thought that I was trying not to let him see me with them. Well I wasn’t and Ben didn’t believe me and said I was lying that I say “I hate people and then turn around and do everything with them”. Then I said that he lied to me that he wrote my name on my locker and he goes I know because it’s true and I hung up on him and I’ve been pissed at him all night.


I love Ben so much but I refuse to give into his jealous nature. I hope things get better because I don’t want to lose him.


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