Journal Entry 5.15.84


Today has been great. Ben and I didn’t fight at all. I missed only 1 on the geometry test and I think I did good on the Spanish test. I loved B 5 dollars today. I was bitchy to the boys. I yelled at Dominc for trying to get into Ben’s locker. And I yelled at Bill for trying to get into my locker. Also Ben stuck up for me with those “Gasp 7th Graders”. We actually got along like boyfriend and girlfriend today. I feel great. I’ve got to do that report on Vietnam. And also I have got to find out what I got on the Career Report and fix grade is in English. I felt great today. Also everyone kept saying hello to me and I don’t think on boy said hi to me today except Steve and my favorite Ben. I hope I can win his love back. I love him so much. I swear I give anything to get him completely back.


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