Journal Entry 7.14.84


Well everything is kind of strange. Sarita and I are almost like best friends. We went downtown with Domino. We got to talking. He kept putting his arm around me and I just wanted him to hold me. I felt like kissing him so bad.

Sarita said that he still loves me. I hope so but he’ll never trust me again and I love him so much. I started to cry that might cause I love him and I realized how much I hurt him.

Rosie came over last night and we made up. She baked bread today and it was delicious. Cathy and I still have things to work out. God, I can’t believe I hurt Ben so much. I never meant to. I wish he would forgive me.

I feel so bad. He’s real good at break-dancing. He looks real cool in his outfit. He’s still real sweet but he keeps getting back and I have just been letting him. I wanted to kiss him so much the other night. I wish this would all go away cause it hurt him and that hurts me. He’ll never trust me or love me enough to believe me.

Ben, if only you knew how sorry I am and what I would do to have you forgive me. I love you Ben. Well got to go to the store.


I am doing B’s route tomorrow.


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