Journal Entry 7.26.84


Ben and I are back together. Yesterday was so great. We had dinner over at Bo’s house and then Ben and I kissed goodbye. Then he asked me and I said yes and we walked almost all the way home holding onto each other. It was so great, it was just like a dream. I woke up this morning thinking it was a dream.

It’s not. I love him so much.


We’ll B has to go to Eugene tomorrow and I won’t get to see him for 2 Sundays from now. Tomorrow he better come over cause I think both of my parents are working and I want to have a good good-bye. I love him so much. He is almost constantly horny. He changed so much. I love it.

Today when I saw him, Bo kept trying to take him away and I just grabbed on and wouldn’t let go and he grabbed onto me. I love to be held like that. He came by when Sarita and I were on the roof suntanning. It was embarrassing.


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