Journal Entry 1.7.85


Well I did get together with Ron on Sunday. In fact, I spent the whole day with him. I was over at his house and we got into a huge tickle fight, of which I won. We talked a lot. He is a real neat person to talk with and I like him so much. He keeps saying that he is snot going to be here next year but I know he is.

I told him 5th period was the only one I looked forward to. I told him again that I liked him and now that his door doesn’t lock, I could wake him up. He says that would be fun.

I am going to ask him if he likes kissing. I wish I could be with him always. I don’t know but I think I love him, but Ben is still in my heart and I’ll never forget him ’cause he was my first.

Well better go to bed or I’ll never be able to get up in the morning.


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