Journal Entry 1.17.85


I’m at my locker now and Ron just went by. I’m having a hard day. A lot of people are jumping on my case about a lot of things.

Things To Do

*Stop using phone because I am sick of getting yelled at
*Stop liking Ron because that’s what he wants
*Go to California
*By shoes
*Write for birth certificate
*Get work permit and driving permit
*Get a job, you lazy butt


I had a stomach ache “really bad” today and had to go to the health room. Talked to Ron and I’m not depressed anymore. Ron said that he’s glad I’m normal again. Got schedule changed. He won’t tell me who he likes and it’s driving me nuts but I decided that I’m not going to dwell on it, he doesn’t have to like me for us to be good friends. Grace talked to me. Cara and I are doing better, Kim and I are doing worse. I just wish Ron liked me but it is hopeless. He never will. He even said he would have to be crazy to marry me. He says he has my combo but for some reason I don’t believe a word of it. I’m not going to talk about liking him anymore ’cause it only causes problems and I know I do even if he doesn’t believe it


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