Journal Entry 1.18.85


Today has been really weird and a lot of fun. I saw Ben twice but right now I don’t care. I got a 56 out of 58 on a Biology test. Ron asked me to a part on Saturday for a while. Cara’s staying the night tomorrow and we’re going to drop by. Don just came by a few minutes ago. He makes me sick!

I got to type on an electronic typewriter today and it does everything except wash dishes. I love it. I wrote to Ron on it and “actually” gave it to him. I like him so much but I’m not going to get too excited “cause I think he likes Samera. Well gotta go eat.


Toby, Dad and I are going to see Rocky Horror Picture Show tonight for my second time and Toby’s first. Ron went out to dinner with Samera, Ron and Nora. Jenna things Nora is a leech. I really like her, in fact I would like to be friends but I think she’s too grown up for me. I think Ron likes more grown up people but I have been told that I was mature, now I don’t know. I wonder if Ron just thinks of me as a leech or a little kid. Think about that one. I wish I could figure him out. Also I can’t remember something but now here it comes. I’m not sure if Ron’s been getting in my locker and reading this or what and if he has I know he’ll never like me now. Steve told me that Ron liked me better before but not now and also Stacy told me that. Steve won’t tell me who told him but I bet it was Cathy. I gotta run! Bye.

Some Things To Do In Life

*Go hang gliding
*Go skydiving
*Go diving with a blue whale
*Go to a firing range and be excellent with a gun, machine gun and rifle
*Buy a cross bow and be excellent with it.
*Learn Braille
*Go to California with Ron
*Go to college
*Get a windsurfer again and practice
*Get permits and license.


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