Journal Entry 1.24.85


I haven’t written in a long time but my feelings for Ron haven’t changed. He says that he can open my locker and that he has already read this and if he has, he’ll never like me so I might as well give up but I won’t. Ron wanted me to go into his class but I wouldn’t go so he went back inside and one of his classmates came out and I told him to tell Ron that he was a baby and his friend says something awful about me and Ron won’t tell me. I got to talk to him a lot today but tomorrow I want to see him and spend time with him. I don’t tell him I like him anymore ’cause he doesn’t believe me so I just keep it to myself. But it doesn’t matter if he believes me because I know what I feel no matter what Robert says. So there. If you don’t want to hear about me liking you Ron, then don’t read ’cause I like you so much and I want you more than anything.


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