Journal Entry 2.5.85


Well I must admit, I’m the stupidest person I know. I should have taken his freaking hint, to get lost in the first place. Like Jenna said, it’s hopeless. Since he said that I didn’t like him much less love him it must be true. He told me to shine him on, I wonder if he’s ever been in love. I seriously doubt it.

I shouldn’t get mad because he wasn’t my boyfriend but when you work for something very hard which is something I never had to do before, I should be ready to be let down. I don’t know why I am crying ’cause he wasn’t even my boyfriend and I didn’t like him, according to him that is. Damnit!!! I really liked you Ron, why can’t you see that? I should have never let Sarita talk to you. It ruined everything. I didn’t mean that he was bugging me, but then of course he believes it then. I’ll never win, like I said I should have just dropped him when he gave me the big hint. Well go ahead Nora, he’s all yours. I give up, or at least I will try.

Oh, Ron, it’s not fair. I love you, can’t you understand that!!! This is what you want, have it your own way. I LOVED YOU RON!!!!!

But do you care? No, but then why should you, you have Nora. Have fun.


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