Journal Entry 2.12.85

Today was sort of fun. I got to Ron’s house this morning and everyone was asleep so I just knocked on the door and his dad answered. He let me in and I went to wake up Ron and I startled him.

Yesterday Lisa passed out in the kitchen and the ambulance came. So Rene had nightmares so I stayed up all night talking to her so she wouldn’t cry. I was real tired this morning so I told Lisa that I wanted to go to Ron’s and not to school. So back to Ron.

I woke him up and then I decided I didn’t or wasn’t going to school. So I climbed into bed with Ron. We fell asleep together then he got up and went into his father’s bed. When I woke up, I wen into his father’s room and into bed with him. I stayed all day until 1:30pm at his house. I love him. Cara called at my house to talk to me and Lisa told her I was at school and she said I wasn’t there. So Lisa called my dad and told him that I wasn’t at school so he called school and they said I wasn’t there. So I finally got enough guts to call Lisa and I was told to call my dad. I did and he told me to go home. I went back to school at 5th period and I didn’t see Ron again today but I called him before he went and I know I love him more than anything. I hope he is still normal when he comes back from California because things were just starting to get good for us. He liked the card that I sent to him and I’m glad. I didn’t get into trouble from Dad unless I do it again and Mom will find out soon so we’ll see in the morning.


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