Journal Entry 3.10.85


Well I have a to start this journal again because it is over between Ron and I. Completely over. I just threw-up on the kitchen floor ’cause he says were not friends. Now don’t get me wrong, because it’s not Ron who is doing this. I told him that I had figured him out.

1. He didn’t like me
2. He didn’t love me.
3. He didn’t want to be friends.
4. He didn’t care about me.

And something else but I can’t remember. Jeff is moving up here next year to play basketball with Ron before he graduates.

He kept asking me if I was sure what I was doing and then I threw up and told him yes. So we don’t talk or even know each other. If he does ever did, like me, he ruined it now ’cause I told him I gave up. And I do. I’m sick of the tension. I still love him and I always do and will I don’t want my mom involved.

Grace called to say sorry. It wasn’t worth ruining a friendship over who told so and so this and that.

I am not going to tell anyone what’s going on except Sarita ’cause I know she won’t spread rumors. I don’t really think it is anyone else’s business. And until Ron proves otherwise, I won’t change my mind. He wants to set me up with other people and I told him I would be miserable.
I love Ron and I don’t know why I am doing this to myself. I know Ron isn’t weak enough to give into reverse psychology. So I guess this is really the end.


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