Journal Entry 3.12.85


Today has been the greatest day of my life (so far). I talked to Ron at school for awhile, then he had to back to class and I kept pulling him back to me. Then I let him go back to class and he told me, he would see me later. Tonight when I called, we talked about everything, he might come over for dinner soon, and we talked about his promises and we really seem to enjoy each other totally. When I got off of the phone, before I said good-bye, I told him that I loved him and he said he loved me too. I want to cry of happiness.


I think I should let you know what happened last night. He came over and literally spilled his guts. He told me he liked me a lot, had so for four months. He made 4 promises:

1. He would ask me out next year if he was here
2. He would stick up for me in trouble
3. He would win a tickle-fight some year
4. He would always love me

I love him so much. He doesn’t want to go out ’cause he doesn’t want to stay in Oregon because Rick might move and he wants to be there with him. He also said that 6 or 7 times he has been on the brink of asking me out. If it weren’t for Rick, he would ask me out in a second, so he said. He also said that I wouldn’t believe how much he liked me, probably more than I liked him.


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