Journal Entry 3.17.85


On Thursday (which is the last time I wrote) Ron came over. We were outside next to the cars and wrapped my arms around him. I told him. I loved him and he said that he loved me too. I was lying on the hood of Robert and Lisa’s car and he said that we should go use the phone. I told him no ’cause I didn’t want him to leave and he asked why? I told him because I wanted to be with him. He told me that I looked rad and I said that I loved him. He went and grabbed my hands and said “Come on beautiful”. He went to use the phone and when he got back, he said that I drove him crazy and that he wanted to go out with me so bad, but couldn’t.


Last night when Ron came downtown with Cara and I, we were jumping over bricks and we ran right into him. We walked for a while and swung and then we went up to the bandshell. Afterwards, we walked back down and we raced again. When we got to his car we talked for about an half hour. He told me that if he was here next year he would ask me out. He said that I was beautiful and that he loved me more than anything. I love him so much.


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