Journal Entry 3.22.85


Ron wrote to me yesterday but one of us lost it so he has to write again. I haven’t seen him yet this morning so I don’t know yet if he remembered. Rick was actually being nice to me yesterday and so was Josh. Ken tackled me in soccer yesterday and I saw Ben. Steve broke up with Vicki and now likes Lisa again. Nora is going to move in the fall because she is going to college in Eugene. I think Ron is going to be here during spring break and I think Nora is going to Palm Springs. Cara and I have cheerleading practice today and then so I better call my mom. I am going to get my permit next week. I need to get my shorts from Tanya and start laying out if it is warm enough. Ron’s bday is Sunday. Grace and I still aren’t talking but who cares.


Well I told Ron that I needed an appointment to see him so maybe he will call during the next day. I love him so much and want to spend time with him. I gotta go tell more later.


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