Journal Entry 4.23.85


Well I was right about Ron being upset about his brother and he was mad at me for about 2 days except that he said I was special and that every time he saw me, he was no longer mad. I asked him to come over so I could talk to him and when he did show up, he wouldn’t say two words to me. So after he left, I called Josh and talked to him. He told me all kinds of interesting stuff. He said that Ron always talked about me, asking Josh if he thought I was good looking and also he said that Ron didn’t care about Nora, he just wanted a good reputation. Later Ron called me and was watching movies. Then I called Josh again and he told me to hang in there and just give Ron a chance. I told him that if Ron wasn’t careful, he was going to lose me.

Later still I called Ron again, acting normal and not bringing up anything. Then I had to go pick up Jack and then I called again and told him that I was sorry if I was pushing him and it was only because I care and that I love him very much and that I am here if he ever wanted to talk.


So things go back to normal and last night I found that Ron uses telepathy with me all of the time. In the halls he tells me that he loves me almost every time he passes. He is romantic also. I told Grace to shut-up today because every time she walks by she laughs. I think I am going to try a different aspect of friendship with Ron. I’m going to be real active, no more laying around, that way if Ron wants something, he can come to me. I am not going to keep him anymore either. That way people will see us more as boyfriend and girlfriend than as slut with Nora’s boyfriend.

He’s not here today. I don’t know where he went to. Cara is back and Sarita said that Ron could spend the night when her mother was gone.

I love him more than anything and I’m going to show him ’cause he isn’t so sure how much he believes me.


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