Journal Entry 4.24.85


Today is Melissa’s birthday.

Things are going great with Ron and I. Yesterday he came over for dinner and I’ll talk to you later.


After dinner we walked over to the high school, we raced some and I would come up behind him and grab around his waist and he would put his arm around me. We would walk holding hands and I was really happy. We got his books from the school and started home. We took turns carrying his duffle bag and we walked the long way home. When we got to just about here, he started asking about what Josh told me. I wouldn’t tell him and finally he asked if he could read it out of my journal. I said okay as long as he promised not to get mad at Josh. While he was reading, I realized there was a part that I didn’t want him to read because then he would know my plan to be hyper and friendly. Eventually I think he found out. After he got home, which was soon because I didn’t keep him here, I called him and he said I was great. I asked him if he still loved me, he said of course and probably more now. I love him so much. We are getting along great now and its working. I can’t believe it. We are going out Sunday by ourselves to the movies.


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