Journal Entry 8.12.82

Dear Diary,

I know I haven’t written for some time. Well Tom has moved to Corpus Christi. In school, I went around with Tom twice during the year. I don’t know if I love him anymore.


Journal Entry 1.22.82

Dear Diary,

This has been the best day of my life. The worst day of my life will be when we move. Today me, Teresa, Tonya, Kathy, and Jennifer went to a rock concert. The seating arrangement went as follows. Tom asked me to hold his hand and at first I was embarrassed but then I did. That was the best thing in my whole life. I like him.

Journal Entry 1.15.82

Today things went ok! I just don’t understand people. One minute they do something or say something, next minute they do or so the opposite. Everybody just believes what they hear or see no matter if it is the truth or not. Tom is nice when is around me alone, but when he is around his friends, he is terribly mean. Don is nice one minute, and mean the next. Mom says that boys are mean to you when they like you, but sometimes I think it is the other way around. At least with some boys!

I went and spied on Don, Timmy, and Chris. Dusty saw me and started throwing rocks at my cat. He tells me to pick on people my own size. All boys think about is looks and sizes.

I really like it down here. I’m going to still spy when I get to Oregon. I didn’t spy on many people much today. Mom says we might get to stay for part of 8th grade. Some people have been real nasty lately. Mostly at Christmas parties. I can’t believe it! I’m third at least. I don’t want to move! No! No! Today we say this man who looked like he was a robber. I also saw some kids who called me raccoon because of my jacket.

The problem with down here is nobody is honest. They all lie. If Tom likes me why doesn’t he say so? If Ron does, why doesn’t he say so? If Warner does, why doesn’t he say so? Sara is honest. Mom doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings but hers. Lori is lying again. I don’t want to move. No one understands. No! No! I like Tom sort of. Yesterday I had a dream that Tom was trying to spit on me and fell off of this wall he was standing on. I had to give him first aid. Then I get the blame for it.

Journal Entry 1.1.82

Dear Diary,

Sometimes I hate them. Who? My mom and dad. It’s not fair. They don’t care about my feelings at all. I love it down here. My mom never gives anything a chance. All she cares about is her. My friends want me to run away but then I would only be doing what my mom is doing. She is running away. Mom got made at me because I couldn’t light a lighter.