Journal Entry 12.31.84


Well, I have to go to the doctor’s because I have been having hallucinations. All music gets loud and soft and when people talk they sound as if shouting and talking fast. I am going to wait for Ron to call today.


Lisa took me to get my blood pressure, and Lori and Clara told Mom that I had gone to the hospital and she came home because she thought I was hurt, boy was she mad. Lori and Clara got a paper route and I dreamt about Ben last night but I don’t remember what about.

I am going to study my español a little now.


Journal Entry 12.30.84


Well, it’s almost New Year’s Eve day. Boy that was a mouthful! Well, we talked to Ron today and he was mad because he thought that I was saying he was a jerk and all of this other stuff. I got everything straightened out between Ron and I except Kim and him hate each other. I guess if they stay away from each other everything will be alright. I think Grace was the one that told him that ’cause she’s the only one that I even talked to about him.

I like Ron lots and he said sorry for being mean and he said that I was important to him. I’ll write more later ’cause I’m tired now. Dad, I never see or Mom. It’s a bummer. Ron is going to California in February and this summer, but so am I.

Journal Entry 12.29.84


Well Ron got back today and I called Kim and told her we could go downtown and then we went to my house and then her house and then my house and then downtown and then back to my house. Interesting, huh? We saw Ron downtown but he just wanted to know where Joe was and when he started to walk away Kim said “Fine”, and then “@*&^$%-ass” and then “What’s your problem?”. When he walked off, she stared saying you couldn’t believe she said that and then we saw Dillon and he invited us to a party. Jon also wanted to know where Ron and Rick were.

Then we went to Minute Market where a bunch of weirdos were and when we were walking home, someone yelled and we started running. We’re so weird, omigod.

Well I better go ’cause Lori is trying to sleep.

Journal Entry 12.28.84


Today was okay except that I am sick of kids and Ben is being a prick. He is so easily going to get into trouble. I hope so, so that it will teach him a lesson and he’ll be more careful but I don’t care. I like Ron too much and he won’t be back until 3pm tomorrow. I wish I could have been with him today.

Journal Entry 12.27.84


Well things are definitely strange and confusing now a days. Ron and I didn’t get to go to Medford but he came over to Sarita’s and we got a ride downtown in the back of a pick up truck and it was great. Steve told me that Ben has a gold chain that he wants to give to me. I am so confused. I love Ben but I don’t like him and I like Ron lots, but I don’t love him. I could easily fall into a trap and go back to Ben because I love him. Ron and I need to spend time together. I’m so confused. I also saw B downtown yesterday too. Gotta run!

Journal Entry 12.25.84


Christmas was great and I got just about everything I wanted. A scarf, earrings, gloves, hat, shirt, belt, ties, chocolate, jewelry box, pantyhose, records, paper, and a duffle bag. Ron came over at about 9:00am and gave me chocolates. I went to Grandma’s where I got the jewelry box. Later on, I went to Sarita’s and played Trivial Pursuit. Ron is going to call later but I have to call Grace and Ron.