Journal Entry 3.24.85


Today was an awful day. First of all I was stupid. I stayed here all day long waiting for Ron to call and he did at 9:30pm. Real cool! Then someone hung up the phone so I hung up and he called back. He kept asking me if I was going to give him the business or burn him. He wanted me to read him a note but I told him no ’cause there was too much going on over there. Then you know what he said? That he hoped I had a good vacation and that he guessed he would see me at school, which isn’t for a week and I’m definitely not going to call over there and make a complete fool of myself. I love you Ron!!!


I just got a terrific phone call. This person called and told me to “never call Ron F again ’cause he has a girlfriend”. I think I am going to throw up. I know I’m not supposed to believe anything unless Ron tells me himself but I am not going to call over there again, ’cause if that phone call weren’t true, Ron will call me. I’m so mad I could scream. I can’t believe this and I am sure little miss Nora has the finger in this. I really thought I could like her, boy was I wrong. And he said he loved me more than I loved him. I don’t believe it. I can’t believe it. He said that last time I asked him that he couldn’t believe I asked him that. He doesn’t believe that I believe him but if I don’t ask him then I won’t call and when he does ask, then I”ll tell him and then he’ll say “How could you believe that?” I am stuck both ways. I make a fool of myself. I need to talk to Sarita or Jenna. I can’t believe this.


Journal Entry 3.23.85


Grandma L got here today at about 3:00pm. I was invited to Ron’s party tonight but didn’t go. Also I told Jenna ’cause I needed to and only had to see if I could trust her. Ron and I might try to do something tomorrow but I’m not going to get my hopes up too high ’cause every time I do I get let down. I love him so much! Well I better go ’cause I am going to fall asleep and Steve called me a snitch and I’ll get him back for it.

Journal Entry 3.22.85


Ron wrote to me yesterday but one of us lost it so he has to write again. I haven’t seen him yet this morning so I don’t know yet if he remembered. Rick was actually being nice to me yesterday and so was Josh. Ken tackled me in soccer yesterday and I saw Ben. Steve broke up with Vicki and now likes Lisa again. Nora is going to move in the fall because she is going to college in Eugene. I think Ron is going to be here during spring break and I think Nora is going to Palm Springs. Cara and I have cheerleading practice today and then so I better call my mom. I am going to get my permit next week. I need to get my shorts from Tanya and start laying out if it is warm enough. Ron’s bday is Sunday. Grace and I still aren’t talking but who cares.


Well I told Ron that I needed an appointment to see him so maybe he will call during the next day. I love him so much and want to spend time with him. I gotta go tell more later.

Journal Entry 3.20.85


Well Grace’s party was a flop ’cause she got mad for Paula and Ron being there. I talked to Ron and things are all straightened out. I love him so much. I wrote to him a 4 page letter last night and he said he was going to write to me too. Ben the other day told Sarita that he thought that I shaved my hair. Sarita and I are getting back to best friends again. Ron was going to call me tonight but I called first. He said after reading the whole letter he understands me better. I gotta call him.

Journal Entry 3.18.85


Yesterday when I tried to call at Ron’s house Rick hung the phone up on me. So I don’t know if it is just Rick or if Ron is upset too. When I talked to him at Cara’s yesterday, he sounded kind of mad or pressured. I wish I knew what was going on, but he doesn’t trust me to keep quiet. I love you Ron.

Journal Entry 3.17.85


On Thursday (which is the last time I wrote) Ron came over. We were outside next to the cars and wrapped my arms around him. I told him. I loved him and he said that he loved me too. I was lying on the hood of Robert and Lisa’s car and he said that we should go use the phone. I told him no ’cause I didn’t want him to leave and he asked why? I told him because I wanted to be with him. He told me that I looked rad and I said that I loved him. He went and grabbed my hands and said “Come on beautiful”. He went to use the phone and when he got back, he said that I drove him crazy and that he wanted to go out with me so bad, but couldn’t.


Last night when Ron came downtown with Cara and I, we were jumping over bricks and we ran right into him. We walked for a while and swung and then we went up to the bandshell. Afterwards, we walked back down and we raced again. When we got to his car we talked for about an half hour. He told me that if he was here next year he would ask me out. He said that I was beautiful and that he loved me more than anything. I love him so much.